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OH! I just remembered something. So I’m at work playing my 3DS and this guy walks in and notices the KH case I have on my 3DS. And he says “You like Kingdom Hearts too? Well I’m a very huge fan. You could ask me anything and I’ll answer” in such a snobby manner. So I asked something about 358/2 Days and Xion and he says “Nah man, I don’t play those spin-offs”. AND I’M JUST SITTING HERE LIKE








"You’re the straightest gay guy I kn-"


"You’re not like those other gay people who go to those awful pride para-"


"You’re gay? Then why don’t you hit on me or other gu-"


"I have this other gay friend, you’d be a perfect cou-"


"At least you act norm-"

"I’m straight but would you suck my dick for 20 dol-"


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To anyone applying for a job:

I’m writing this as a response to a recent employment opportunity that I was considered for and was denied. I was told I had an outstanding resume, my ability to work with others was displayed, and I even was prepared with numerous copies of my resume, and other selected materials that may come up.

I was denied the job even though I was one of their “strongest candidates.”

My reply was, and I think anyone in this situation would want to know what happened, why? What did I do wrong?

It turns out that my leadership ability was too high. And I did not “show a strong sense of team” compared to the other candidates. Being a Sociology major, this turns out to: We don’t want you because you may have thoughts of your own. This is a problem in our system of rationalization and your ability to actually think is seen as an unpredictable factor that we do not want to consider.

My advice to anyone out there looking for a job is this: Don’t be special. Don’t stand out as someone who is going to change and possibly innovate a company. Keep your head down and just do as your told, because our society will not continue if people are creative and innovative.

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